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What Type of Fence Material is Best for Your Home?

Custom Cedar Wood Fence with Gate

Exploring Your Options when it Comes to Fencing Your Property

Fence material, especially today, is quite varied. Instead of only wood or wrought iron, now you have multiple fencing mediums like vinyl, aluminum, and chain link. Deciding which is best for your property when you have so many choices, is not easy.

One way you can narrow down your options is by understanding each material type, learning about the benefits of each, and then deciding which one suits your budget and fencing requirements.

5 Common Fencing Material Types and their Benefits

As you explore your options for fencing, here is some useful information about the five most popular material choices:

  1. Aluminum Fencing – Aluminum gives you the appeal of iron, but without the price tag. It is also relatively maintenance free, and it can look like almost any type of fence, design-wise. You will want to paint it or purchase one that is factory-colored. While budget-friendly, it is not as secure or sturdy, which means you may replace it sooner than other types.
  2. Wood Fencing – Wood fencing is one of the most popular fencing materials. It not only offers privacy but also plenty of scope for customization. The wood pieces can be cut into different shapes, heights, and dimensions, offering a unique fence for your property. Likewise, you can paint or stain the wood fencing any color you prefer, to complement the overall look of your property. In terms of cost, it is a significant upfront investment. As long as you continue to stain and protect the wood from water damage and premature rot, it can last quite a long time. 
  3. Vinyl Fencing – Another popular fencing material today is vinyl. A vinyl fence also requires a significant upfront investment, but you get a fence you do not have to stain or maintain. It will not lose its color, it is resistant to water, and you can quickly clean off stains. You can spray paint it in a color of your choice.  It has a longer lifespan and is virtually maintenance-free, which is why many homeowners choose it over wood and aluminum.
  4. Chain Link – Chain link is functional but has limited privacy. It works if you have a large property you need to fence and you do not need fencing for privacy. You can add shrubbery and trees or even install privacy slats into the chain link to reduce how much of your property is visible from the other side. Because it is budget-friendly, many homeowners prefer it over other varieties.
  5. Wrought Iron – If you are looking for a sophisticated fence that is strong and beautiful to look at, wrought iron may be the best choice. It does require upkeep, and every two to three years, you must sand and repaint it. Also, wrought iron is custom-made, so it will cost more. However, it is incredibly durable, offers excellent security, and increases your property value.

Need Help Choosing the Right Material and Installing Your Fencing? 

At Deer Fencers, we can help you not only pick the right material to maximize your fencing budget, but we will help design a fence that meets your security and aesthetic needs. 

We proudly serve the Greater Philadelphia area, and we are more than happy to help you secure your property with your choice of fencing.

Select the right fencing material and have a professional install it for you. Contact Deer Fencers today. Call us at (800)753-4600 or use our online form.


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