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What is the Proper Height for a Fence?

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Advice from Your Fencing Installation Experts at Deer Fencers

Do you need a new fence? Before you commit to one, there are several factors you must consider that go into finding the right fence for your yard. This can include things like what type of materials you want to use, the life span of your fence, where you want it installed and more. However, establishing a height for your fence is an element that often gets overlooked, even though it plays an extremely important role in the fence’s overall appearance and function. 

How to Determine Proper Fence Height 

A well-constructed fence can add beauty and style to your home as well as provide extra privacy and security. While your personal taste plays an important role in determining the type of fencing system you install, there are three main factors that can help you decide what your fence height should be. Read below to learn more about these aspects you need to consider to achieve the proper fence height:

  • The Style of Fencing: Style is an important factor in determining the height of your fence since the materials, colors and height you choose for your fencing system can convey different messages. For instance, a high wooden fence may give off a more serious tone, while a shorter fence height may appear more inviting. While there are always exceptions to every rule, generally higher fences are seen as more grandiose and shorter fences are much more welcoming. 
  • The Purpose of Your Fence: Chances are, if you are considering putting a fence around your property there’s probably a reason behind your decision. Your intended purpose of building a fence will influence how high you make it. For instance, if the purpose is to keep human or animal trespassers out and keep pets or small children in, the higher you’ll want to construct your fence. If you are simply looking to add a boundary or enhance the beauty of your property, a fence with a smaller height is the way to go. 
  • The Local Regulations: One of the most important factors when it comes to determining fence height is what your local regulations dictate. You must ensure that you are in compliance since there may be certain height restrictions imposed by the city. Generally however, the height of boundary fencing can range from 3-6ft, privacy fencing 6-8ft, deer fencing should be at least 8ft, pool fencing 4ft and garden fencing about 3-4ft. Please be sure to check your local regulations to make sure you are able to build fences around your property according to these heights.   

Contact the Fence Experts at Deer Fencers

At Deer Fencers, we offer a number of fencing solutions that are designed with your budget and lifestyle in mind. Not only are our fencing systems effective against keeping deer out of your yard but they can also help you maintain privacy, security and look great doing so in the process. From decorative to more practical options, we can help you find the right fencing system that meets both your style and functionality requirements. Once you have considered all options and are ready to take the next steps, consult our fencing experts who can work with you to design the right fencing system for you and your home.   

To get a quote, call the team at Deer Fencers today. Call us at (800)753-4600 or contact us using our online form.


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