Should I Build My Fence Against the Neighbor’s Fence?

Insights from Your Professional Fencing Solutions Company 

Every year, thousands of Americans file lawsuits against their neighbors for fence related disputes, creating unpleasant situations in otherwise cordial or friendly relationships. This also adds unnecessary stress to the families who are dragged into tedious legal proceedings. 

When you decide to add a barrier along the boundary of your property, the best way to make it a hassle-free experience is to:

  • Avoid clashes with the neighbors by practicing neighborly fencing etiquettes 
  • Consult with your town and be sure you fully understand your local zoning regulations, as well as the governing processes defined by your Home Owners Association (HOA)
  • Hire fencing solutions experts to do a thorough and professional installation 

Suggestions for Neighborly Fencing Etiquettes

When it comes to building a fence, here are certain aspects that you must take into consideration:

  • Respect Boundaries: Do not let your fence sit even an inch outside of your property line. If you do not have the original house plans or drawings, commission a new survey from a professional land surveyor, to be completely sure about your property’s boundaries. As a good practice, most professional fence solutions companies install the fence a foot inside of your property line.
  • Don’t Clash With Your HOA: Read up your HOA guidelines to make sure your fence plans are in line with the stated requirements, such as the height, style or material of the barriers. Many HOAs spell out detailed requirements, as they prefer to have uniform structures for aesthetic reasons.
  • Review the Zoning Regulations: Usually the fence installation professionals know your local zoning requirements and obtain the necessary permits. However, you should also be familiar with these regulations so that you make the right choices while selecting your preferred barrier. Typically, there are varying height restrictions for the side, front and back yards and additional restrictions, in the case of corner lots.

These nice-to-do aspects will help you avoid potential disputes with the neighbors. 

  • Involve the Neighbors: While some neighbors become a part of the extended family, others exchange casual greetings on their way in and out, while yet others barely know each other and have never spoken. No matter what kind of relationship you share with your neighbors, it is best to inform them about your plan to install a fence on your property. That way you can iron out any property line related issues before installation and prevent subsequent disagreements or costly rework.
  • Pick an Amenable Design: While you do not have to discuss the details of your barrier with the neighbors, you may want to select a classic design that goes well with the aesthetic of your neighborhood. That way, it will increase the value of your property, as well as adjoining ones, benefiting everyone for future home sales in the area. Although you are creating a mutually-beneficial investment, be prepared to pay for it entirely on your own; do not expect your neighbor to contribute.
  • Put the Best Side Forward: If the barrier that you have selected has varying finishes, the unfinished or less attractive side should face inward towards your home. Moreover, it is your responsibility to clean and maintain both sides of your fence. 

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