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Securing Your Property with Easy Home Improvements

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How Fencing and Other Home Improvements Can Help Keep You Safe

If you have recently moved or are thinking of renovating your home, security should always be a top priority. Even if your community feels safe, occasional crime still occurs, especially in residential neighborhoods. While it’s impossible to keep your property perfectly secure, there are a few simple yet effective home improvements you can make right away to significantly boost your safety.  

5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

A few minor, low-cost measures can protect your home from becoming a target of theft or intrusion. Before you splurge on the latest security system and call it a day, consider making these other home improvements to help keep you and your family safe from unwanted visitors: 

  • Install Secure Fencing: Enclose your entire perimeter with a strong and secure fencing system. Creating a physical barrier between your home and the sidewalk or street can deter trespassers from approaching your property. Make sure that your fencing is high enough or add a fence topper designed with spikes to prevent anyone from climbing over. 
  • Light up Your Landscape: Criminals work under the cover of darkness. Keep intruders off your property by lighting up your yard. Install lights around both your front and back yard, along walkways and near the garage. Take it one step further; buy outdoor motion sensor lights and place them at every entry point. Motion sensors are highly effective and are also an economical way to stay safe. 
  • Eliminate Hiding Spots: Tall trees and shrubs may look nice and enhance your curb appeal but they also provide excellent hiding spots for potential burglars. Trim down your overgrown hedges, especially if they are directly under windows. If you want to keep greenery around your windows, plant thorny bushes and small flowers instead.  
  • Upgrade Your Windows: Since doors and windows are the most common entry points for criminals, investing your home improvement efforts in these areas is extremely important. Check all window locks to ensure that they are functioning properly; otherwise they need to be fixed or replaced immediately. You may also choose to reinforce your window glass with security film or install inexpensive glass break alarms. 
  • Change Your Locks: As you did with your windows, inspect the locks on all your doors to make sure they are working as they should. Ensure that door frames are sturdy and hinges are protected. If you are moving into a new home, change your locks immediately. 

h2>Contact Deer Fencers for the Ultimate Fencing Solutions

Your home should be a source of safety and comfort. If you are looking for a fence to surround your property that offers both beauty and effectiveness, Deer Fencers has the right solution for you. We design and install fencing systems that can keep you safe from both human and animal intruders.    

Together, we can develop a completely customizable fencing solution that suits your needs and budget. We also offer automated gates and accessories as well as routine maintenance checks that include inspections and repairs as necessary. 

To get a quote, call the team at Deer Fencers today. Call us at (800)753-4600 or contact us using our online form.


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