Property Surveying is the First Step to Fence Installation

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Installing a fence around your property is a substantial investment that will last a lifetime. However, before you put your hard-earned money into getting an attractive property barrier, it is important to know the true boundaries of the land you own. After all, you do not want to violate your neighbor’s property line, or be non-compliant with the setback requirements or zoning laws enforced by your city, town or municipality. 

Before getting a new fence, hire a licensed land surveyor to determine the accurate boundaries of your property. Let your construction begin only after the surveyor outlines your property and marks the exact dimensions. In the absence of a formal study or report, you may find yourself in unnecessary disputes, legal tangles, or other corrective expenses that will be higher than the actual cost of installing the fence.

  • Your neighbor may slap an expensive lawsuit on you.
  • Your city may ask you to take down the installed barrier if you breached the set norms. 
  • At the time of selling your home, if the future buyers commission a survey and realize there are anomalies, it will bring down the potential sale price of your home.
  • If this is a new property that you are purchasing, your mortgage lender will usually not advance the money, without checking for infringements in the zoning laws.

Why is a Property Survey a Critical First Step

A licensed professional surveyor will:

  • Conduct a basic check of the title, and note the restrictions, easements and other legal obligations that govern your land.
  • Carry out a preliminary survey that includes their observations about the engineering, planning and environmental aspects related to your land.
  • Draft a subdivision plan with detailed drawings to indicate your property line and fence installation proposal. 

Here are some of the advantages of commissioning a property survey:

  • Remain Compliant: You can avoid all property line violations and safeguard yourself from potential lawsuits or fines.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Expenses: Your fence installation will be precise and accurate. You won’t have to incur additional expenses to remove and re-install a wrongly-located barrier.
  • Accurate Assessment of Property Size: A professionally done survey will give you exact measurements and indications of your land and building. Very often, the information available at your end may not match blueprints filed with the zoning offices, which means you may be over or underestimating your property line and its potential value.  
  • Maximize Your Yard Space: Planning a play area for the kids or pets? Doing up a designated spot for relaxing and entertaining? Sizing up your soil beds? No matter how you use your yard, knowing the exact boundaries will help you maximize your space by installing the fence at the correct location.

For Meticulous Fence Installations, Count on Deer Fencers

Are you all set to get a barrier for your property in and around Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area? Did you hire a licensed land surveyor to get your property surveyed? As a good practice, have you spoken to your neighbors about the likely location and proximity of the fence from their properties? At Deer Fencers, we always review the property survey report to ensure compliance with zoning regulations and other applicable HOA guidelines, while installing a fence around your property. Our experienced professionals will help you choose from a wide range of fencing solutions and meticulously install long-lasting barriers that will serve you for several decades. We also offer a seasonal fence protection program with periodic inspections, preventive maintenance and restoration services. 

For affordable and customizable fencing solutions, count on the experts at Deer Fencers. Call us at (800)753-4600 or contact us using our online form.


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