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Novel Way to Decorate Your Fence this Christmas

Ideas from Your Professional Fencing Installation Company

The malls are packed with frenzied shoppers. The newspapers are overloaded with promotional supplements and glossy flyers. The radio stations are playing all your favorite holiday music. There’s no doubt about it – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! While you soak in the festive spirit and enjoy the cheerful vibe all around you, have you decided how to decorate your home this Christmas? Are you tired of the same old sparkling lights and decorations outside other homes? Thinking of new ideas to make your home stand out? Whether Pinterest and YouTube are your go-to sources for inspiration, or depend on the creative genius in the family, don’t forget to include your entryway and fence in the plan for holiday lights and decorations. 

Top Ideas and Themes to Decorate Your Fence for Christmas

Outdoor Christmas decorations depend not only on the type of fence you have and the architectural style of your home, but also your personal style and preferences. Here are some themes and ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Traditional: There’s nothing like the classic fence loaded with garlands of artificial or live greens that have red bow pop-outs and warm, glowing, golden lights. You could also intertwine pine cones, flowers, or ribbons into the garland and add to the charm of the traditional red, green and gold decorations.
  • Modern: Keep it simple and elegant by wrapping your fence with a white artificial garland. Hang gold and silver ornaments along its length and install soft white lights for a sparkly glow.
  • Rustic: Use organic materials such as burlap ribbons and bows or wood flowers along with a traditional green garland. Hang snow-tipped pine cones, holly, berries and stars and give the finishing touches with strings of colorful or golden flickering lights.
  • Fun, Bold or Quirky: Store aisles for Christmas décor are flooded with inflatables of Santa Claus, Santa’s sleigh, reindeer, nativity scenes and popular Christmas characters. Create a bold, fun look by installing some of these inflatables near your entryway and along or on top of the fence.  You might also want to try something completely different. For example, project a warm, tropical scene in the middle of your white, snowy yard. Put up artificial palm trees, hook up tiki torches along the fence, add a lounge chair and an umbrella, and install an inflatable Santa on the chair. Make Santa wear sunglasses and sip from a beverage glass. Unique Christmas decorations are sure to make your home the talk of the neighborhood and add a wonderful touch to the joyous, holiday spirit.

While your fence will be useful for putting up Christmas decorations, remember to follow the general guidelines for safe displays:

  • Use only those lights and extension cords that are certified for outdoor use.
  • Look out for frayed wires, loose connections, damaged or broken lights or sockets, especially if you are reusing the decorations from the previous year.
  • Do not plug in more than three strands of lights per extension cord and ensure that you plug your lights into Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) to prevent electric shocks. 
  • If you are decorating a wooden fence, use small hooks to wrap the garlands and string lights and secure them in case of heavy winds or storms. You could also use insulated tapes if the decoration material is lightweight.

Leave Your Fence Protection to the Professionals

Before the first signs of frost, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of your fence. Check if it needs any kind of repairs or replacements in order to weather the seasonal extremes. After all, you do not want a shaky or damaged fence to put a damper on your holiday festivities. For professional fencing solutions, rely on the experts at Deer Fencers. We offer a proven seasonal fence protection program that includes inspections, preventive maintenance and restoration services. Our friendly staff looks forward to work with you and create customized solutions that fit your requirements and budget.

Call us at (800)753-4600 today for tips on holiday decorations for your fence or contact us using our online form.


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