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Make Your Fence Winter Ready

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Useful Tips from Your Professional Deer Fencing Installation Company 

While you continue to revel in your pumpkin-spiced drinks, Thanksgiving menus, and other fall festivities, the colorful foliage will soon make way for barren trees and snow covered grounds.  In the coming weeks, you may have to undertake several winterization tasks in and around your home. When you brace yourself for the dropping temperatures, snowstorms and icy conditions, don’t forget to make your fence winter ready. At the end of the season, the last thing you want is to find out that your home’s barriers could not bear the brunt of the cold chilly conditions, leaving you with time-consuming and costly repairs. However, a few simple measures can prevent the changing season from wreaking havoc on your wood fences.

Tips to Protect Your Fence from Winter Weather

Protect your fence and maintain a strong, protective barrier around your property:

  • Walk along your fence and shore up any decaying posts, wobbly pickets or protruding nails. Repair any cracks or gaps with a wood sealer.
  • When you inspect your fence, check if the posts are at least three feet under the ground. In winter, the thawing frost can cause soil shifting, which in turn can cause a shallow fence post to also shift. Hence, it is critical to ensure that your fence post is sufficiently deep-set in the ground.
  • In case your fence has not been waterproofed for several years, apply a waterproof stain, paint or sealer sometime during fall.
  • Remove the piles of leaves and debris from the base of your fence before they trap in moisture and start causing the wood to rot. Keep the cement footings clean and debris-free. 
  • Examine your property for trees that have weak, low-hanging branches, especially those that are looming over your fence. Prune these branches before a freezing rain or a snowstorm causes them to snap and damage your home’s barrier.
  • If there is a street very close to where your wood fence stands, consider installing reflectors on your barrier’s exterior. This will help motorists to notice the border of your property and prevent any potential accidents, especially during a winter storm.
  • Once you start shoveling snow, avoid accumulating it too close to the fence. Wet and heavy piles of snow, as well as melting snow can be devastating to your wood fence.

For Seasonal Fence Protection Services, Rely on Deer Fencers 

Don’t let winter get the better of your fence. Whether you wish to prepare your home’s barrier to face the upcoming chilly weather, or require restoration and repairs at the onset of spring, the professionals at Deer Fencers can help. We not only specialize in a wide range of fencing solutions, but through our seasonal fence protection program, we offer services such as periodic inspections, preventive maintenance and damage control. Our friendly team will evaluate your property size and location and design a fence maintenance program that suits your specific needs and budget.

For any fence installations, repairs or maintenance requirements, choose a reputed and professional company. Call Deer Fencers at (800)753-4600 today or contact us using our online form. 


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