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Keep Deer Out of Your Backyard 

Your Professional Deer Fencing Installation Company Offers Insights into Deer Movements and Effective Repellants

With the explosion of the deer population in several parts of the eastern U.S., it is not uncommon to sight a deer in your backyard, in both suburban areas as well as urban locations. If left undeterred, they are capable of trampling your yard and eating your plants or vegetation, leaving you with an unsightly landscape and costly repair bills. Moreover, these animals are popular hosts for black-legged ticks that you do not want anywhere near your home. In fact, deer ticks are not only nasty, bloodsucking pests, they may also be carriers of diseases such as Colorado tick fever or Lyme disease, posing a threat to the health of your family and pets. 

One of the main reasons for the increased deer spotting in your backyards is their dissatisfaction with the deep forest. Most of the forest food is too high up for them to reach and they like to feed on the edge habitat such as shrubs, small trees and lawns, which is present in most backyards. Since food is scarce, they have been building up resistance to the efforts to drive them away. Furthermore, they keep returning to the areas where they found abundant pickings in warmer weather and tend to stay put until that area has been stripped bare of all potential food. Despite their tenacity, there are ways to keep deer out of your backyard throughout the year. 

Understand Deer Movements and Follow Measures to Keep Them at Bay

If you have seen deer in your yard once, it is quite likely that you will see them again. Hence, it is important to understand a little more about their movements:

  • They are most active at dawn and dusk and they tend to stay within the same 3 to 4 square mile area for their entire lives.
  • They like to nibble, tasting one plant after another. An adult deer can eat 7 to 10 pounds of foliage a day.
  • They drink approximately 2 to 4 quarts of water a day, often attracted to the water features or bird baths in your yard. 

Here are some effective measures you may want to consider:

  • Modify the Habitat: Deer tend to avoid plants with strong scents, thick, fibrous leaves and spiky textures. You can also grow deer-resistant plants that are poisonous throughout the year or in certain stages of development.
  • Sprays, Devices and Other Repellants: There are several odor, taste or sound based repellants that are available in home or garden supplies retail stores. A flashing light is also an effective way to discourage deer. You could let your dog keep guard and chase them away by barking through a fenced area. A lot of homeowners talk about a tried-and-tested method of repelling deer with homemade sprays made of garlic powder and cayenne peppers. You could also try reflectors or owl decoys, but those may be effective only until they work up the courage to get close to them to feed.
  • Deer Fencing: Install deer fences that are between 5-feet to 8-feet tall, and made from wood, chain link or plastic mesh. Deer do not usually attempt to jump in an area that they cannot see. Ensure that your fence is secured close to the ground to prevent them from crawling under. You could also look at investing in an electric fence that sends shock waves to deer or any intruders who try to get close to your property.

Consult a professional company such as Deer Fencers that specializes in deer fence installation and maintenance. We also offer deer repellent programs. 

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