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Fence Care During and After a Snow Storm

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Winter Fencing Tips from Your Professional Fencing Installation Company

If it’s winter in Pennsylvania, rain, snow squalls, blizzards, hurricanes and storms are the order of the day. As a resident of the Philadelphia area, you are all too familiar with the warnings on weather networks, announcing the arrival of an ice storm, or extended periods of heavy snowfall. While you brace yourself for such events and take precautions to secure your home and family, don’t forget to reinforce your property’s fence. After all, you want to make sure that your home’s barrier stands tall and keeps away any other hazardous intrusions during extreme weather.

Tips to Fortify Your Fence 

As the proverbial saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Protecting and maintaining your fence before the winter chill sets in is definitely the smarter and less expensive option than waiting to assess damages after a winter storm. Some simple steps will go a long way in making your home’s barrier more durable and resilient to the havoc caused by seasonal extremes. 

  • Timely Repairs: Check your fence for any loose, cracked or dislodged pieces and fix them immediately.
  • Staining and Waterproofing: If you have a wooden fence, consider staining and waterproofing it. This will not only improve its appearance, but also enable it to withstand storms, hurricanes and other weather-related challenges, such as mold or rot, for several years.
  • Fortifying the Posts: Improve the stability of the fence posts by pouring additional concrete to reset them firmly into the ground, if this was not done correctly at the time of installation. 
  • Keeping the Base Dry: Leave a small gap between the base of the fence and the ground in order to prevent moisture from seeping in or causing the fence to rot or damage. Remember to get rid of any debris or long grass near the base of the fence and avoid piling up snow banks directly against your fence.
  • Clearing the Overhead Threats: Just like the base of the fence needs to be clear of moisture, the fence itself should be safe from any overhanging threats, such as loose power cables or branches that are likely to snap due to the weight of snow or ice. Prune the trees near your fence to get rid of any potentially damaging branches. 

Although you may have taken all the steps to reinforce your home’s barrier before the storm, the drastic changes in temperature, increased moisture, or flying debris could still cause damage to the internal or external structure of your fence. Once the storm has passed completely:

  • Clear the fence by using a broom and gently brush off any residual snow. 
  • Check if the fence posts are wobbly or unstable. The heavy snow, shifting soil or gravel, and constant thawing and refreezing temperature can lead to this issue, particularly after a severe storm.
  • Inspect the fence boards to see if there are any large holes, cracks or loose fittings that need to be repaired. 

Need Fence Repairs after a Snow Storm? Call Deer Fencers

Whether your fence is wooden, aluminum, or vinyl, if you need to fix any issues, rely on the experts at Deer Fencers. Our experienced professionals will do a thorough assessment of your property’s barrier and offer tailor-made solutions for restoration, as well as seasonal protection and preventive maintenance services. 

For any fence installations, repairs or maintenance requirements, call Deer Fencers at (800)753-4600 today or contact us online. 


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