Deer Fences Help Keep Wildlife Out and Also In

Your Professional Fencing Installation Company Offers Insights

From defining the boundary and securing your property, to protecting your flower beds and reining in pets, there are a number of reasons why you may consider installing a fence around your home. Moreover, if you live close to deer-populated areas, such as Bucks or Montgomery County, fencing is a necessary solution to prevent deer and other wildlife from intruding on your property.

At Deer Fencers, we are familiar with the challenges faced by property owners in Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area. In addition to deer fencing systems and deer repellent programs, we have been helping area residents manage associated issues, such as tick control. Our experienced professionals offer insights on why you should consider installing a wildlife fence if you do not have one yet. 

Deer Fences Keep Wildlife Out

While deer in your backyard make a pretty Instagram post, they are not very kind to your plants and trees, once they have entered your property. One of the simplest ways to deter these animals and keep your picturesque yard intact is to install a wildlife fence. 

Here are the key benefits of deer fencing systems:

Strong Materials Equals Strong Resistance: Deer fences are made from strong materials that can stand the test of time and resist the harsh elements, as well as strong animals. From low-cost alternatives such as galvanized steel mesh, to extra-strength, near-invisible welded wire constructions and electrical options, these barriers come in many varieties. To make the right choice, consult a professional fence installation company, such as Deer Fencers. Our expert staff can customize your fencing solutions based on the specific requirements of your property, as well as your preferences and budget. 

Added Protection When Combined with Other Solutions: There are several preventive steps that you can take to keep deer, or other wildlife from browsing in your yard. From household solutions passed down through generations, to conventional measures, such as fencing, tree tubing, scented baits, motion-activated sprinklers and deer-repellent garden plants, there are multiple options available. Although each stand-alone solution may be quite effective in deterring the deer population, if you combine deer fencing and some of the other measures, your property will remain free of all unwanted wildlife.

Fences Keep Your Pets and Animals Safe

If you own large areas, such as a dairy farm, a pet breeding facility, a zoo, or even large fields with grazing animals, you want to make sure that your pets or animals stay safe and protected within the confines of property. 

Installing a fence barrier will help towards: 

  • Protecting your pets and livestock 
  • Saving your fields, grazing grounds or garden farms from external forces and potential wildlife threats
  • Beautifying and demarcating your property through a visually-appealing barrier
  • Keeping the tick-carriers, i.e. deer, away from your pets 

Hire Professionals to Install and Maintain Your Deer Fence 

Installing a fence is a critical step to keep deer out, pets in and gardens safe. However, maintaining the barrier is also equally important. In addition to keeping your fence free of dried leaves, branches and other debris, you also need to periodically scan for cracks or other damages. At Deer Fencers, we have a proven seasonal fence protection program that includes inspections, preventive maintenance and restoration services. Hire our services and enjoy a beautiful and safe yard all year long.

For more information on deer fencing installation and maintenance, call us at (800)753-4600 today. You can also contact us using our online form and we will be in touch with you soon.


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