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Common Landscaping Plants Deer’s Love to Eat

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Keep Deer Out by Knowing What to Plant and What to Avoid 

While a fence is an excellent solution for keeping deer off your property, one thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are enticing them onto the grounds in the first place. Individual plants attract deer from miles away – and they will do whatever it takes to eat them!

Knowing which plants are among a deer’s favorite snacks, combined with the right fencing around your property can keep your land deer free, which means less damage from unwanted visitors.

What Plants are Deer Favorites to Eat?

Deer are hearty eaters, and they love to munch on your favorite vegetables, flowers and shrubs. While you plan out your landscaping, here are a few plants to avoid if you want to keep your property from being the local deer eatery of choice:

  • Roses: Yes, deer love roses. Deer love them so much that their snacking will permanently destroy your plant – to the point you may have to pull it and replace it. They enjoy eating the leaves off your rose bushes in the summer while munching on the buds in the spring.
  • Hydrangeas: You know how expensive this plant is to put in your yard, so the last thing you want is to find that a deer has eaten away at your valuable hydrangea plant. Deer especially enjoy smooth hydrangea and bigleaf varieties.
  • Evergreen Azaleas: This is one shrub that a deer will destroy on your property. They love the dark leaves that it produces, and all it takes is a few deer in the morning to clip your bush entirely of its greenery.
  • Holly: Deer also migrate toward holly plants. They especially love Japanese varieties and blue holly, so if you can, avoid planting those two favorites.
  • Hosta: You most likely planted these for the foliage and the fact that they last a few seasons, but if deer are freely roaming your property, you will not enjoy them. Hostas are a deer’s favorite, and they especially enjoy the dark leafy greens they produce.
  • Apple and Cherry Trees: It is not just shrubs and flowers at risk here; in fact, some deer thrive on apple and cherry trees too. Do not expect many cherries to grow or apples this season – because you have served up lunch for all the deer around!
  • Redbud Trees: Redbud trees are a favorite as well, and deer will continue to snack on their leaves and even damage the trunk trying to stand up on it to reach the leaves.
  • English Ivy: This plant alone grows rather aggressively, so it is not likely that deer will destroy it. However, because it grows so quickly, deer will continue to come back more and more to refuel on the plant itself – and anything else they find in your yard.

Keep Deer Away by Installing the Right Fence

While knowing which plants to avoid can keep deer away, you do not want to limit your landscaping opportunities just because of deer in the area. Instead, plant what you want in your yard, but put up the right fence to keep deer from feasting on your landscaping. 

The team at Deer Fencers can help you find the right fencing solution for your entire property that will not break the landscaping budget, but also keep deer from frequently destroying your manicured lawn and beautiful plants. 

To get a quote, call the team at Deer Fencers today. Call us at (800)753-4600 or contact us using our online form.


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