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Custom Cedar Wood Fence with Gate

The Pros and Cons of Wood Fences

A Helpful Guide from the Trusted Fencing Experts at Deer Fencers

Are you planning to install a new wood fence around your property? If you want to make sure that you are making the right decision, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of this highly popular fencing material. Fortunately, the fencing experts at Deer Fencers are here to help you with your homework so you can be sure that you are selecting a material that is suitable for your lifestyle needs. 

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Vinyl Spartan Scallop Fence

How to Plan for a Fence Installation

Advice from Your Professional Fencing Contractors at Deer Fencers

Whether you need a heavy-duty fence for protection or simply want to incorporate a decorative fence to surround your garden, planning a fence install can be challenging and time consuming if you don’t know how to prepare. After all, the right fence can do it all – provide security, improve your curb appeal and provide protection from the elements. Whether you’re replacing your existing fence or installing a new one for the first time, it’s important to follow the proper planning steps before diving into your fencing project.

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Vinyl Montauk Fence

Maintenance-Free Fencing Options

Advice from Your Professional Fencing Solutions Company

Today, upgrading your existing fencing system or installing an entirely new one doesn’t mean that you’ll have to add an extra chore to your list every year. While a good, solid fence is something everyone should have, it is possible to invest in quality fencing that will not only last but that is also attractive and maintenance-free. If spending hours maintaining your fence does not sound like the best use of your time, there are several no-maintenance options to choose from. 

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Automatic Aluminum Driveway Gate

Benefits of Driveway Gates and Fencing Systems

Insights from Your Professional Fencing Solutions Company

For the longest time, most of us have associated driveway gates with the homes of the rich and famous. Images of large, stately gates that exude pride as they open up only to let fancy cars in and out was what the movies had us believe. However, with advancements in technology and use of smart, affordable materials, driveway gates are no longer exclusive to multi-million dollar homes. In fact, driveway gates make for a great addition to any property and offer many benefits, including functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

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Decorative Fencing Ideas for Your Property

A Guide to Decorate Fencing from the Professionals at Deer Fencers

When you stop and look around at the fencing in your neighborhood, you may begin to notice a wide range of styles. Typically, fences are constructed to provide privacy, security or simply to create some separation. No matter what your reasoning for installing a new fence, you should also consider whether or not your property would benefit from a more decorative option. Today, modern fencing designs can give your property a unique look while still providing the functionality you desire.

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Aluminum Fence with Gate

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Fencing to a Maintenance Free Material?

Advice from the Trusted Fence Experts at Deer Fencers

Fences offer a number of practical benefits like providing privacy and protection. However, building a fence that is made from the right material can also make an aesthetic statement and significantly improve your home’s overall curb appeal. One of the most coveted residential fencing materials used today is wood. When compared to other fencing materials, wood is both lightweight and inexpensive and it can also deliver the perfect amount of character. However, failure to maintain your wood fence may cause it to fade and warp over time, quickly turning it into an eyesore. Contact a fence professional who can help you determine if it’s time to upgrade your fence to a maintenance free material. 

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Four Rail System Wood Split Rail Fence

How to Determine when to Replace Your Fence

Why Replacing Your Fence is Important 

If you look into your yard and notice that everything has come to life aside from your fence, it may be time to consider replacing it. Not only does a faulty fence look aesthetically unappealing, but it can also become a security liability and invite unwelcome bugs and other critters to set up shop around your yard. While there are times where simply replacing a board or damaged fence post is acceptable, there is a point where it is significantly safer and more cost-effective to replace the entire system with a stronger and more reliable version.

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Wood Split Rail Fence with Pet Mesh

Property Fencing: Planning and Installation

Why Proper Installation is the Key to a Beautiful, Long-Lasting Fence

If you’re thinking about installing a new fencing system, doing it properly will ensure that you have a beautiful fence that lasts for years. A new fence offers several benefits which include increasing home security and keeping unwanted wildlife off your property. While the main purpose of any fence is a practical one, installing your fence the right way can also make your yard feel like a proper extension of your home and provide a safe space to gather with family and friends. Work with a fence professional to ensure your home improvement project goes off without a hitch.  

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Aluminum Dog Park Fence

Plan Your Fencing Project for a Smooth Installation

Your Fencing System Planning Guide

Are you considering building a fence around your yard this summer? Before you go out to buy materials or begin the installation process, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your fencing project goes smoothly. After all, a fence can do wonders for enhancing curb appeal and adding value to your home if constructed correctly. In addition to these benefits, fencing is especially great if you have small children or pets and want to keep them safe.

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