Aluminum Pool Fence Installation

Start Planning for Your Pool, Patio and Fence Upgrades

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Make Upgrades to Your Home’s Exterior

Do you want to upgrade your pool, patio or fencing for spring? When it comes to home improvements, timing is everything. Stop putting off these outdoor projects and instead, address them during the winter season. By getting a head start on your renovation plans, you can save yourself time, energy and money. 

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Types of Ticks: Do they all Transmit Lyme Disease?

How Deer Fencers can Keep You Safe from Ticks 

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted to humans by certain types of ticks. Fortunately, if the infection is caught early enough, it may be effectively treated with a round of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. However, it can be unnerving to contract a tick-borne disease and it is best to exercise caution if you are in a high risk area. 

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Vinyl Pool Fence Gate

Securing Your Property with Easy Home Improvements

How Fencing and Other Home Improvements Can Help Keep You Safe

If you have recently moved or are thinking of renovating your home, security should always be a top priority. Even if your community feels safe, occasional crime still occurs, especially in residential neighborhoods. While it’s impossible to keep your property perfectly secure, there are a few simple yet effective home improvements you can make right away to significantly boost your safety.  

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Why Deer Fence1

Common Landscaping Plants Deer’s Love to Eat

Keep Deer Out by Knowing What to Plant and What to Avoid 

While a fence is an excellent solution for keeping deer off your property, one thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are enticing them onto the grounds in the first place. Individual plants attract deer from miles away – and they will do whatever it takes to eat them!

Knowing which plants are among a deer’s favorite snacks, combined with the right fencing around your property can keep your land deer free, which means less damage from unwanted visitors.

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Aluminum Pool Fence with Gate

Combine Your Fence with Hardscaping

Reach Out to Deer Fencers’ Sister Company, Sabia Landscaping 

If you are thinking of revamping your home’s exterior, the first thing you might consider is landscaping and hardscaping; but what about your fence?

After you make the investment and do all the work to create a backyard oasis, you want privacy. So, it makes sense that hardscape, landscape, and fencing go hand-in-hand.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about vetting multiple companies to get what you want for your home’s exterior. Instead, use the team at Deer Fencers for all your home’s fencing needs, then turn to our sister company, Sabia Landscaping, for your hardscape and landscape needs.

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Custom Cedar Wood Fence with Gate

What Type of Fence Material is Best for Your Home?

Exploring Your Options when it Comes to Fencing Your Property

Fence material, especially today, is quite varied. Instead of only wood or wrought iron, now you have multiple fencing mediums like vinyl, aluminum, and chain link. Deciding which is best for your property when you have so many choices, is not easy.

One way you can narrow down your options is by understanding each material type, learning about the benefits of each, and then deciding which one suits your budget and fencing requirements.

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New England Woodworks Gate

Driveway Systems and Gates to Help Keep Out Unwanted Guests

Take Back Your Property with a Fully Enclosed Exterior

You might have a fence around your backyard, but what about the rest of your property? When you have your driveway and front lawn exposed, unwanted guests can still make their way in. One of the best ways to keep deer and other wildlife out of your property is with a driveway system and gate that surrounds not just your backyard, but the full scope of your home’s exterior.

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Aluminum Dog Park Fence

Property Surveying is the First Step to Fence Installation

Did You Get One Done Yet?

Installing a fence around your property is a substantial investment that will last a lifetime. However, before you put your hard-earned money into getting an attractive property barrier, it is important to know the true boundaries of the land you own. After all, you do not want to violate your neighbor’s property line, or be non-compliant with the setback requirements or zoning laws enforced by your city, town or municipality. 

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Should I Build My Fence Against the Neighbor’s Fence?

Insights from Your Professional Fencing Solutions Company 

Every year, thousands of Americans file lawsuits against their neighbors for fence related disputes, creating unpleasant situations in otherwise cordial or friendly relationships. This also adds unnecessary stress to the families who are dragged into tedious legal proceedings. 

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