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Deer Fencing

Deer have become an ever-increasing problem in areas throughout the country which has created the need for Deer Fencers, a professional deer fence installation company. Many people feel responsible for creating the deer over-population issue through their encroachment into the natural habitats of deer. This is truly not the case. Over the years, due to the close residential proximity of people and deer, deer have become more and more comfortable with people. 

Farm and Pet Fencing.jpg

Farm & Pet Fencing

Deer Fencers also offers fencing systems to keep your pets safe and secure. We offers many types of low visibility pet fences that will keep your dogs and cats on your property and keep invited guests out.If you are interested in a more traditional approach, we can help you design a secure decorative fence system as well. Always remember that fences are for short term, supervised pet containment. If you are seeking a longer term dog security, a true kennel system is your only solution!

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Vinyl Fencing

Whether you want privacy, security or to simply improve the exterior appearance of your home, a vinyl fence can be a fantastic addition to your yard. To reap all of the benefits of a new vinyl fence, it is important to make sure that it is installed properly. The professionals at Deer Fencers – a division of Sabia Landscaping are trained in vinyl fence installation and are highly recommended by our many satisfied customers. The quality and craftsmanship of your vinyl fence installation can determine how well it functions and how great it looks.

Aluminum Fencing.jpg

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum Fences will add long-lasting elegance to any property. To coordinate with any architectural design, aluminum fence is available in many styles and colors. It is also an excellent choice for pool security and deer protection.

Wood Fencing.jpg

Wood Fencing

Split rail, Trellis fence, diamond rail, lattice work and so much more! Deer Fencers – A Division of Sabia Landscaping will design the ultimate wood fence solution for your property. To complete your enclosure, we also offer custom automated gates and accessories. Contact us today for an estimate on your professional wood fence installation.

Driveway Gate.png

Driveway Solutions

In addition to the main fence around your property, Deer Fencers also has a range of fencing installation options for your driveway. We can install fences that have access points that you can use to get in and out of your drive way. For those who are looking for something a bit more ornate, Deer Fencers has a beautiful selection of decorative driveway gates that will accent the exterior beauty of your home. From sliding gates to swing gates, we can supply you with a fence that will look fantastic and still be effective.

Pool Fencing.png

Pool Fencing

A well designed fence is a critical factor in pool safety.  Almost any style of fence can be designed to meet local and national pool codes.  A fence consultant from Deer Fencers – A Division of Sabia Landscaping will work with you to create a safe and beautiful addition to any swimming pool.



A beautiful railing can make all the difference in making your home into a showplace.  Decks, porches and stairs all benefit from a well thought out rail design. Let a Deer Fencers , A Division of Sabia Landscaping fence consultant work with you to design a railing system that will add value and beauty to any home.

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Other Services

Deer Fencers offer a wide range of services for both home and business owners. Please contact us today if you are in need of any of our deer fence installation services.

- Tick Control

- Fence Maintenance

- Deer Repellant Programs

- Seasonal Protection Services

- Invasion Plant Eradication 



For many years our deer fence installation company has provided our clients with the ultimate solution against deer damage. Through our long association with the industry leaders in virtually invisible deer fencing, Deer Fencers has gained extensive experience in deer control methods. We take pride in perfecting systems and strategies that can stop deer damage.  Whether you are looking for a traditional deer fence or a more decorative option, Deer Fencers has your solution. Let our deer fence installation company work with you to create the look and style that best suits your needs.

Regarding deer and wildlife control, fencing provides the optimum protection. Deer Fencers recognizes that fencing is not always a practical option. Keeping this concept in mind, we can design an integrated program utilizing multiple strategies to reduce or eliminate landscape damage. Let us custom-design a protection program that fits your individual needs and budget.




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